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More than Three Decades of Family Law and Bankruptcy Experience

When you are struggling with a family law issue, you have two basic options: you can reach an agreement outside of court, or you can let a judge decide your future for you. If you have financial problems, you need to learn how to solve them. At the Law Office of Bruce W. Somers, located in Santa Rosa, California, I have more than 30 years of experience helping families reach solutions that meet their goals regarding matters such as divorce, child custody and debt problems.

Certified Family Law Specialist* | 30 Years of Experience 

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I know that every family has unique needs. I will work with you to develop a strategy that is right for you. If aggressive courtroom litigation is the best way to accomplish your goals, I will fight for your interests in court. However, most of the time, taking a cooperative approach is best.

Protecting Your Interests for Your Future

As your family law or bankruptcy attorney, I will do everything I can to help you come out of the legal process in the best possible situation. To achieve this goal, I do two primary things:

  • I protect you from the other side. I will explain your rights and help you make intelligent decisions throughout negotiation, mediation or litigation. I will not let the other side take advantage of you.
  • I will protect you from yourself. Going through a divorce, a family law struggle or through a bankruptcy,  is a very emotional process, and it can be difficult to look at your own situation objectively. I will provide all of your options and guide you to decisions that protect your interests for the long term.

Certified Family Law Specialist

In 1993, I was Certified as a *Specialist in Family Law by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization. As a specialist, I have extensive experience handling various types of family law cases, undergone the testing procedure and been recommended by lawyers and judges.

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Note: I cannot accept credit card payment for bankruptcy matters

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